Resume and Interview: Course Outline

1.Self Analysis and Job Description Analysis
1)What job do I look for? What are my strength and weakness?
2)Where should I look for such jobs?
3)How should I analyze a job description most effectively? 
4)How do I match my strength to the job requirement and minimize the impact of my weakness? 
2.Resume and Cover Letter Writing
1)What are the purpose of a resume and a cover letter?
2)What should be on the resume/cover letter and what should not?
3)What format should I use for resume/cover letter?
3.Interview and tests
1)Review and revise resumes in class
2)Different types of interview
3)What is a “behavior-based” question?
4)What are the techniques to answer “behavior-based” questions?
5)What are the most commonly used “behavior-based” questions and other interview questions?
6)What tests could I have and how do I prepare for them? 
4.General Job Hunting Information and Individual Tutoring
1)Review and test interviews in class
2)Dressing to impress
3)How to write a “Thank you” letter
4)General compensation information in Toronto
5)Individual resume critique
6)Individual mock interview
【主讲人】 Rachel TanHR方面有多年工作经验,曾在加拿大IBM总部和中国IBM总部HR部门,国际顶尖HR咨询公司Hay集团工作。目前任职于加拿大某本土公司任HR专员。Rachel持有多伦多大学工商管理学士和人力资源管理硕士学位。在大学学习期间,她曾在加拿大丰田公司总部,法国华为公司总部,纽约联合国总部HR部门实习。RachelHR招聘,薪酬,培训方案设计与实践方面均有丰富经验,对加拿大本土HR招聘流程以及国际化人才发展有深入体验和了解,致力为学员们提供求职相关的翔实信息和具体指导,针对每位学员的特点提供实用性强,易掌握的求职培训。

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