Apps Development Sr Prog Analyst

Job Description

Responsibilities include:
- 3rd Party dev and testing
- Create tool to enable us to push messages to queues and topics.
- This tool will help us to do quick test as most of our applications use EMS.
- This tool can also help us to simulate third party messages from C4 side.
- Can be very useful to QA for integration testing and developers for unit testing.
- Optimization  of existing applications
- OregonDS is one of the candidates where we need to use generic command interface instead of using new queue for new interface.
- Improve logging
- Clean up existing log files
- Implement database logging this will avoid need to login to prod box to check logs.
- Develop interface to show logs from DB.
- Assist in 2nd line support

Job Skills

- Minimum 1-3 years experience
- Core Java - Collections, Threading, Networking.
- Server side Java - JMS, J2EE, XML
- OS: Windows and Linux.
Good to have:
- Frameworks - Spring, Hibernate
- Database - Hands on SQL and DB concepts
- Oracle/Sybase

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to, add “Applications Developer Sr Prog Analyst” in the subject, thanks!

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