Local Title:                                Application Developer
Job Family:                               Information Technology
Reports to Job Title:                Developer Team Lead
Core Job Title (if known):      
Local Job Title (if known):      Application Developer
WorkStream:                            IT
Reports to (job title):               Developer Team Lead
If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to dq.0001@gmail.com, add “Java Developer” in the subject, thanks!
1. Primary Role
For selected components of Telstra’s web presence, undertake the design, development and lifecycle management. The role variously is the Lead Developer or operates under instruction from a Lead Developer as required.
Design, Development & Delivery
Working independently (within broad guidelines), deliver business partner requirements as per agreed schedules, costs and quality targets by
·        interacting effectively with the business partners to refine and understand the requirements
·        implementing solutions utilising the team’s software development and lifecycle processes.
Service Quality and Integrity
Contribute to the assurance of the underlying performance and integrity of customers’ services on production systems by:
·          providing responsive support and undertaking corrective action in areas of specialisation.
·          complying with change management principles and processes
                Bachelor of Computing Sciences / Engineering
                Bachelor of Business Computing and Information Management
Demonstrable Expert experience in:
-       Online application development principles and patterns/models;
-       Online Technologies with a primary focus on front-end technologies: J2EE, JSP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, /J/STL, Struts
-       Spring / Spring MVC framework experience is a major advantage
-       Itinerant Team organisation and management;
-       Requirements analysis and design; and
-       Initiative tracking, reporting and management.
Demonstrable experience in 50% of:
-       Application & System Monitoring
-       Network load balancing, Caches, Proxies
-       Familiarity with core web & network RFCs
-       Solaris, Linux, JBOSS, Tomcat
-       Portal & Identity Technologies: Siteminder, SunOne Portal Server, SunOne Identity Server, Sun Access Manager
-       Security Technologies: MD5, DES, SSL, RSA, Certificate Management
-       Data modelling
-       Technology analysis and consulting
-       Portlets
-       Web accessibility (screen reader compatibility, etc.)
-       ExtJS Javascript Library
-       Mobile web development (XHTML-MP, WURFL, device adaptation, iPhone)
-       XML/XSLT
 Personal Traits:
-       Highly dedicated ethos - expected to take very real accountability for their deliverables
-       Embraces criticism
-       General depth of experience allowing ability to rapidly come to an understanding of new technologies
-       Able to manage time effectively and work on multiple tasks concurrently
-       Able to work independently and as part of a large team
-       Excellent problem solving skills
Must be able to communicate complex ideas with both customer and peers in written and oral form.
Written communications include technical documentation.
Must be a capable negotiator.
To ensure the ongoing quality of our delivered solutions, production stability is our first priority.  To actively contribute in the definition of solutions and assessment of ideas, utilising our deep experience in online technologies. To minimise outcome risk by accurately and continually estimating and reporting on progress and potential impediments to success. Re-use or Build best-fit software solutions on time and budget for D&O’s business partners.
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