(1)     NET Position Co-op
Here are some of the details:
1.      Employer will $25/day as commute cost to each co-op student.
2.       Employer will not pay co-op student any other fees in any form.
3.       Employer will offer reference letter at the end of each term.
4.       There is no maximum limitation defined as a term.
5.       A co-op student needs to commit minimum one month to the program before Employer can offer reference letter.
6.       The chance of a formal position being offered is not big but there is chance.
7.       Employer is located in Downtown Toronto.
8.       The Employer development team has the size of 4~6 developers dynamically.
9.       The work environment is English speaking. However, our requirement for English is minimum. We care about technical skills more.
10.   Employer is in satellite network business.
Job Description & Requirements:
1.       Minimum 1 year of real software project development experience
2.       Knowledge of OOA/OOD/OOP
3.       Knowledge of source control
4.       .Net framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0.
5.       C#
6.       ASP.NET/MVC
7.       IIS
8.       ADO.NET
9.       LINQ
10.   T-SQL / SQL Server
11.   These skills will be bonus – design patterns, QA, test automation, build automation, agile process and so on
(2)     NET Position Co-op, need 2 people
Location: North York
E- Business Company
1-2 month probation
$15 per day
Need excellent English communication skills
Please send resume to alexliu@vicedugroup.com, good luck!
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