Business in Practice工作经验班 

2.商科大学毕业生(Business Administration ,Marketing,Communication Media,International Business, Economic,HR,Finance等)
3. 其他希望在较短时间内找到专业工作的大学毕业生
适合职位: Business Admin Support; Business Analyst; Financial Analyst; Marketing Coordinator; Marketing Assistant; Marketing Analysis; Account Executive
就业优势: 1. 保证能获得面试的优质简历;2. 学习及求职周期短仅需1-3个月。3.大量雇主资源
Best workshop ever
“I'd been looking for a web development job in toronto for a few months, had lots of "Agency Calls," 99% of which promised the earth and never called me back. DQ at jobready was brilliant. He took time to find out about my career and even train me the interview skill. Within few weeks i got me my dream job! A big thank you. Highly recommended!”   by Kev
Bright future starts from here
It's been a real pleasure to know Mr. Qu, who not only helped me get a good job with my first interview, but more importantly, also made me realize that everyone has great potential to become successful as long as you are willing to.
Mr. Qu's Resume and Interview Workshop works in such a way that no matter which industry you are in and what kind of job you are looking for, you will find it useful and valuable because he just customizes the course to meet our needs. From resume preparing to interview techniques, from verbal communication to non-verbal behavior, this workshop covers all the topics necessary in job hunting.
In addition to this, by attending his workshop, I got to know a lot of nice people and we became good friends and I also consider it as valuable assets! By Yolanda
Speed up you to find a job
No matter whether you have related working experience or not, it's very important and helpful to attend Mr. Qu's Resume and Interview class. From resume enhancement to mock interview practice, Mr. Qu provided valuable methodology and suggestion to make your resume attractive and help you improve not only interview skills, but also confidence to be the best of yourself. Don't be hesitated, sign in Mr. Qu's class right now! By Helen
One of the things you must to do in job hunting
If you are in job hunting, I strong recommend to attend Qu's Resume and Interveiw class. Whatever which industry, this course will benifit you whole life. Through his class, you will exactly know the weakness in your resume and interview, and he can help you to improve from professional  perspective by R. Meng
It is not an easy job; but it is a must-do job! 商科大学毕业生就业你们已经准备好了吗?!
Course Outline
A.    Practical Business Reporting & Analysis
Session 1: Analyzing Financial Statement 1
1. Income Statement
2. Balance Sheet
3. Reference(Absolute, Relative and Mixed), Named Range ( Book, Sheet), and 3D Reference
4. Paste Special, Transpose, IF Operations and Array Operations
Session 2: Analyzing Financial Statement 2
1. Inventory Management
2. Cash Flow Analysis | SLN
3. Excel Table, Dynamic Named Range(Offset Function)
4. Pivot Table | Creation, Update and Filtering, Format / Paste Special
Session 3: Financial Planning and Control
1. Budgeting and Planning
2. Forecasting and Projections
3. Measuring Quality
Session 4: Sales and Marketing
1. Importing Business Data
2. Exporting Business Data
3. Analyzing Contributions and Margins
Session 5: Sales and Marketing (continue)
1. Pricing Analysis
2. Costing Analysis
3. Investment Analysis
B.     Data, CRM & Campaign
Session 1: Salesforce 1
1. Learn Salesforce Basics
2. Setup and Maintain Your Salesforce Organization
3. Sell to Your Customers.
Session 2: Salesforce 2
1. Support Your Customers
2. Setup and Maintain Customer Support Tools
3. Collaborate with Everyone
Session 3: Salesforce 3
1. Setup and Maintain Collaboration Tools
2. Analyze Your Salesforce Data
3. Enhance Salesforce with Point and Click Tools
Session 4: Data and Database
1. Basic terms
2. Installing Mysql
3. SQL Query
Session 5: SugarCRM
1. SugarCRM installation
2. Get Familiar with Models
3. Customization
CDigital Marketing
Session 1: Company Website
1. Course Structure - How we work together to go through the course
2. Web Technology - the fundamentals about internets you need know
3. Website installation - have your website setup in 30 mins
4. Content Management - we focus on content, not the technology
Session 2: Basics of HTML
2. CSS
3. Firebug
4. Deploy Web Application
Session 3: Work with Google
1. How Google works
2. Google Adword
3. Google Webmaster
4. Google Analytics
Session 4: Online Marketing
1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Email Marketing
Session 5: Graphic Designing Tools
1. Adobe Photoshop
2. More on Photoshop
3. Adobe Illustrator
4. More on Illustrator
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