Speaking & Writing Strategies for Technical Professionals


Section 1: Introduction to Communication Strategy
Be Positive
Be Proactive
Be Productive
Be Professional
Section 2: Speaking Strategy
Team meeting & discussion
Encourage and appreciation
Show you are listening
Responding to ideas
Offering suggestions
Connecting ideas
Client Interview
Asking information questions
Asking yes-no question
Asking clarifying question
Asking probing questions
Problem solving
Identifying a problem with positive tones 
Tuning topic
Describing a sequence
Describing a hierarchy
Comparing and contrast
Cause and effect
Section 3: Writing Strategy
Email Writing
Meeting minutes
Status Report
Writing to following up
Section 4: Deal with difficult situations – tuning it into opportunities
Unfriendly coworkers
Unfocused or distant bosses
Demanding clients
Response to excessive email chains
Response to negative comments
Response to crisis
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